Successful business leadership demands fresh thinking to face today’s complex global challenges. Thought leadership is paramount. GIFT provides an experiential, hands-on platform to challenge business orthodoxy. Our methodology invites participants to build greater self-awareness and test personal resilience whilst creating robust new business models linked to contemporary challenges and opportunities.  GIFT offers experiential programmes and workshops delivered in open-enrolment and customised formats, catering to business leadership needs for the 21st century.

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Global Leaders Programme (GLP)

Global Leaders Programme (GLP)

  • GIFT’s flagship executive leadership programme offering a deeper understanding of the global trends shaping markets and why the 21st century is different
  • Action-based, output-driven and participant-led, real world business projects heighten self-awareness and hone practical skills for leading diverse teams in unfamiliar situations
  • Rigorous field-based learning alongside business planning sessions stretch participants and give meaning to “thinking outside the box”
  • Site visits and meetings with project partners, government officials, business and community leaders provide an authentic view of the region’s social, political and economic landscape

Young Leaders Programme (YLP) 

  • Adapted from the GLP and designed for the next generation of leaders, the YLP draws upon GIFT’s core curriculum and original leadership learning methodology
  • Discussion topics and field projects tailored for specific geographic contexts
  • Field projects focus on facilitated local problem-solving, objective analysis and cross-sectoral collaboration
  • Participants develop the ambition, curiosity and sense of purpose to fast track their development
  • Platform for constructive dialogue and public engagement;
  • Virtual think tank to create innovative, practical proposals as a body of work contributing to positive outcomes for the future


CUSTOMISED solutions

  • Designed to meet specific client objectives and delivered in classroom workshop or field-based immersion formats. Option to be delivered as stand-alone or integrated into a wider leadership learning agenda
  • Field work facilitated in priority countries and sectors, leveraging GIFT’s proprietary content, beyond-classroom methodology and output-driven approach
  • Offers flexibility in project development. Outputs may be new investment opportunities, strategic internal recommendations or influential advocacy initiatives
  • Cohort may include managers from key partners, customers or government bodies in order to forge understanding and constructive relationships

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Leadership begins with thought leadership

•       Promoting a deeper understanding of changes shaping the 21st century

•       Fostering mindset shifts that give meaning to thinking ”outside-the-box”

Rooted in Asia with a contemporary global view

•       Distinct among leading think tanks and executive education providers

•       Independent insights directly informed by practical and real-world business projects

Inspiring behaviours and actions for purposeful engagement

•       Proprietary curriculum and deep experiential learning methodology

•       Built on the pillars of Knowledge, Communication & Empathy


Yunnan, China : World Agroforestry Centre