Each programme is unique, leveraging an experiential methodology that is participant-led and output-driven, working with partners in some of the most rapidly-growing and strategically important markets. Intellectually challenging, requiring analysis of cutting-edge content, real-world projects create a rich learning environment anchored around GIFT’s core learning pillars of knowledge, communication and empathy

Facilitates the mindset shifts and behavioural change to thrive in today’s global business environment. Involves: discovery, debate, collaboration, insight and self-realisation.

Experiential Leadership Development – GIFT Hong Kong

During Module One, participants engage in candid discussion, debate and role play related to the role of global business and the changing realities in a range of economies. Core topics from GIFT and contributions from their peers provoke new thinking and ideas for action.

In Module Two, field-based learning alongside intensive business planning will stretch participants and give meaning to "thinking outside the box".

Meeting with project stakeholders - government officials, business leaders and community members - offer unique insights from a variety of different perspectives. Outcomes matter as participants present their recommendations to stakeholders at a public forum on the last day of the programme.

Core Topics

The core curriculum in Module One conveys a new narrative on economic development and the role of different sectors in society. Without providing answers in black or white, the course paints a vivid picture of the world we live in based on facts, figures and examples and asks hard questions about the nature of globalisation. It presents the need to reshape economic systems and for the roles of government, business, civil society and media in our societies to be more aligned with our new realities.


Participants will gain three proprietary GIFT Tools for



Straightforward and highly practical guidelines (PASSION) for facilitating effective and inclusive meetings which result in practical, actionable outcomes.

The PASSION tool is an easy-to-use scorecard for teams.

Action Learning Asia –Outcome-driven meetings – GIFT Hong Kong


The PRISM tool relies on five key ingredients for high-performing teams. It is based on observations from working closely with over 1,000 high-potential managers from across sectors and industries on 50 real-world business projects in 15 countries.

Action Learning Asia – High performing teams – GIFT Hong Kong


To lead is to have purpose. To engage internal and external stakeholders three pillars stand tall:

Action Learning Asia – Purposeful Engagement (PE) Quotient – GIFT Hong Kong

The Purposeful Engagement (PE) Quotient is a highly personal assessment tool which provides a mental anchor for internalising the thoughts and habits of purposeful leadership.


All participants of the Global Leaders Programme (GLP) receive a highly personalised evaluation report which captures key observations from their engagement during the two-week programme. The evaluation covers behavioural dynamics as well as mindset shifts and proposes practical recommendations for their continued professional and personal development.

GIFT facilitators and mentors take every care to observe participants’ behaviour, interactions with peers and application of leadership skills during the real-world and intense field work. Facilitators and mentors offer real-time yet unthreatening feedback to participants every step of the way and are on hand throughout the two weeks to discuss their experience, challenges and concerns. Observations are consolidated into constructive evaluations which are shared with participants and their supervisors within two weeks of the programme ending.

GIFT facilitators are available to discuss the evaluations following the programme.  It is this level of personal attention and observations outlined in the evaluations which further distinguishes the GLP from other executive education programmes. The GIFT evaluations are being used by some clients as part of their internal process for preparing or triggering promotions.

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