Speak up, Asia, or the west will drown you out

As globalisation changes the world, having a worldview of Asia that is essentially shaped by western outlooks and prejudices is not just narrow-minded, it is also potentially highly dangerous. It is a view that sees economic advances by Asian countries as threats and Asian business practices as inferior. We saw this with Japan in the 1980s. We are seeing it again today with China and India.

Financial Times

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Turmoil in paradise

Thomas Tang, Executive Director of GIFT, was on Panay Island from 15-17 November to attend the Visayas Clean Energy Forum and to assess the feasibility of renewable power projects for the Global Young Leaders Programme, a leadership development initiative that brings young executives to rural projects to develop sustainable business opportunities that yield social and environmental benefits to communities.

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China rises to the challenge of channeling funds for a good cause

With the regional economies booming and more wealthy people in China as a result, significant donations are expected to emanate from both Hong Kong and the mainland in the coming years.

Channeling philanthropic impulses in this part of the world effectively and strategically, and in a manner that meets local legal requirements, is therefore key.

South China Morning Post

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