Ideas For Tomorrow is the publishing imprint of the Global Institute For Tomorrow. Its purpose is to make available our organisation’s latest ideas, proprietary content, and original business outputs in an accessible format. Although directed foremost at readers from business, government, and civil society organisations, our material will also be appealing for academics and students with an interest in socio-economic development and a transforming Asia.

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Learning Places: The GIFT Report discusses prosperity, people and progress—free of mainstream trends, conventional wisdom and comforting themes. It goes beyond a mere collection of case studies by drawing upon our boots-on-the-ground knowledge of markets, new business models, untapped customers and environmental constraints. 

Included in this inaugural volume are fresh ideas and innovative models related to:

  • Community-based sports facilities on underutilised land in Hong Kong.
  • Branded agricultural products from smallholder farmers in Iran.
  • Growth prospects for small and medium-sized enterprises in Myanmar.
  • Tech-enabled emergency response services in India’s most literate state, Kerala.
  • Commercial solutions to driving increased hygiene and public health in Vietnam.

These five projects—adapted from the outputs of GIFT’s flagship Global Leaders Programme—combine the social direction of development with the practical nature of business. 

Learning Places: The GIFT Report, Volume I
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